Understanding its responsibility to the community in which it is integrated, the AFA Group has always sought to carry out its business activity in a sustainable manner.

Aware of the fragile nature of the environment and the sustainability of natural resources, the AFA Group consolidated the inclusion of the best environmental practices in the activities carried out, giving priority to the respect for environmental rules. The AFA Group has been assuming a more active role in waste treatment in order to reduce the environmental impacts, prevent pollution and conserve natural resources.

In this respect, in all its decisions, the AFA Group attempts to reconcile economic progress and the creation of wealth with the respect for all those it interacts with and for the environment, through actions based on ethical principles and values. In the internal processes, we integrate procedures and practices to prevent and minimise environmental risks and we promote awareness-raising initiatives for the preservations of these values.


Framed by innovation and because the business activity is dynamic, competitive and in constant change, particularly in a globalised world dominated by uncertainty, we believe that the value unlocked by these processes based on a systematic business approach affords ever more important competitive advantages in terms of making our business stand out worldwide.


Implemented in 2005 the AFAVIAS Management System, would be certified in August 2007. Since that time a model has been developed based on the Management System which is geared towards ongoing improvement that guarantees the transversal quality of all ofits activities and developed and produced products, meeting the requirement and expectations of its clients.


The business area of engineering and construction currently obtains certification for “Production and expedition of aggregates, concrete, bituminous mixtures and concrete artifacts” and for the “Laboratory tests on construction material and studies of bituminous and hydraulic mixtures.” is proud of holding the title of the first company on the national level to certify concrete by the norm NP EN 206-1:2007, having the Certification No. 0001.BET/2008.


AFA Group is currently recognised by a vast series of certifications, representing a commitment to innovation and Market leadership, especially with regard to engineering and construction.


The AFAVIAS Environmental Certification reflects the recognition, operation and implementation of the environmental principles and values in the field of civil construction and public works. During the certification process, AFAVIAS defined good practices in compliance with the environmentally applicable legal requirements and the environmental aspects associated with the activities and the products and services that may have an impact on the environment, minimizing them, preventing pollution and preserving natural resources and the environment.  


These good practices were empowered with the development of the project for the Certification of the Environmental Management System in July 2010, a project that culminated in the certification in February 2012, which was consolidated in February 2013. The cycle was renewed in 2014 for the three-year period 2014 - 2017.


Although Occupational Health and Safety had always been one of the group's concerns, it was only from 2003 onwards that its organisation and control were systematised in the context of a specific department. 


Proof of AFA Group concern, AFAVIAS’s receive it's Safety certification in February of 2012, concluding a long process of implementing correct labor practices, initiated in july of 2010. During the year 2015, its consolidation was guaranteed through the renewal of the certification.


By means of this decision it was sought not only to ensure the protection and well-being of all employees at the workplace but also the monitoring of the ever growing legal evolution and requirements, namely in the Civil Construction sector.


SInce that time various training and raising awareness actions have been carried out with a view to the development of a preventive culture. The aim is to anticipate, identifying and assessing the risks to which all employees are subject in the context of the carrying out of their tasks so as to avoid occupational accidents.


For that, AFA Group reinforced its focus on professional risk prevention, increased the number of training and awareness raising actions in the area of safety, influencing the issue of musculoskeletal disorders, in engineering and construction sector, to improve the indicators of labor accidents.


With the effort and concern that the Group has been developing, you can see that the accidents index has improved significantly overall since 2013. Nonetheless, and because AFA Group is still committed to reducing its accidents index in favor of its employees, the commitment to training and awareness raising campaigns was reiterated, not just on the individual protection level, but also collectively, in order to attain better prevention of occupational accidents.


The AFA Group is proud to comply with the strictest international standards in various operating areas.

Worthy of special mention is the certification of the Integrated Management System for Quality, the Environment and Occupational Health and Safety, implemented in the main business area – Civil Construction and Public Works started in 2005. 

Acting with Quality with respect for the environment and striving towards the health and safety of all its employees are values which intrinsic to all its activities.


AFA Group’s certification offrers to our clients, suppliers, partners and all interested parties the warranty that our procedures and processes are in line with the highest standards defined in international standards and a commitment to the entire legal framework applicable to our activity (Community, National and Regional).


Certification in Engineering and Construction:


Certification in Quality, according to the requirements of ISO 9001.

Certification in Environment, according to the requirements of ISO 14001.

Certification in Safety, according to the requirements of OHSAS 18001.