In the last few years, the AFA Group has been developing various social, sports and cultural projects. This component of social responsibility goes far beyond creating jobs and contributing to the development of the locations where the AFA Group is operating. Whilst it is true that the creation of jobs and the timely payment of salaries and accounts with our partners is in itself a socially responsible attitude, it is no less true that all the support that can be given to the most needy and unprotected, especially those that interact socially with us, makes us even more responsible.


For our customers, we seek to provide excellence in service and exceed their expectations; with our suppliers, we seek to maintain mutually beneficial partnership relations; for our employees, we promote knowledge and personal and professional development.


Over the years, the AFA Group has supported various not-for-profit and social support entities. We contribute locally with goods, foodstuffs and clothing, among other items, directly helping the people who interact with us, especially in the works we have in Angola.


We call attention to the importance given to the youth of our society through the Social Support to Education, created in 2011 by the AFA Group. This support has already attributed around 500 scholarships since its creation, the accumulated value of support totaling around 700 thousand euros. The AFA Group Selection Committee privileges employees and their direct descendants in the attribution of the scholarships, and if there is still support availability, considers the applications of other students with good school performance.


The scholarships contribute to the financing of the various expenses they incur in their university education. The scholarships value is assigned according to the amount of the tuition of each student, and in many cases they cover the full value of the tuition.


Within the scope of Social Support to Education, we also signed a protocol with UMa – Universidade da Madeira, aiding 3 students of the Civil Engineering course with an annual scholarship.


The social aid is not only given to create and support a strong relationship with the society, but also to prove that it is worthwhile to set up good companies that are solid and fulfil their obligations to the society.
Respect for human rights, the improvement of our employees, the protection of the environment and the observance of ethical and social principles have been an integral part of the exercise of AFA Group’s business activity.


The following is not an exhaustive list of the actions and events that demonstrate the effort of the companies and employees of the AFA Group to carry out the corporate objectives of social responsibility:

Christmas season  delivery of food baskets to the neediest AFA employees, amounting to an accumulated value of 500 euros.   
Aid to the education of children of the neediest AFA employees.

The pro bono intervention of AFA and CTM in situations of natural disasters , as was the case of the catastrophes of 20 February 2010 and the fires of 9 August 2016.

Since 2011 – Awarding of full tuition scholarships to 327 students (employees or children of employees of the AFA Group).

2014  Offer of Christmas presents to the children of the São Paulo Elementary and Pre-Elementary School.

2014  Children’s and Young People’s Home of the Princesa D. Maria Amélia Hospice with the contribution of presents for the children in the home.

2015  Aconchego – Centre for Temporary Shelter of Children at Risk with the offer of a PlayStation for children at the centre.

2016 – AFA Solidarity Run, the proceeds from which totaled 3,600€ and reverted to CAO - Centre of Occupational Activities of Ponta do Sol.

2016 – Nutritional accompaniment of employees of Savoy Hotels & Resorts.

2016 – Vaccination of the employees of the entire AFA Group.

2016 – Donation of articles to the Santa Casa da Misericórdia of Calheta when the Savoy Calheta Beach Hotel was remodelled.

2018 & 2019 - Distribution of vouchers to the most needy families living in Calheta.

2020 - Donation of equipment including ten tablets, two routers and a laptop, to Lombo do Guiné school, in Arco da Calheta


The AFA Group has also left its mark on the support and promotion of cultural and sports activities. Cultural initiatives include its contribution to the upkeep and reconstruction of the churches of Arco da Calheta in the municipality of Calheta and Serra D’Água in Ribeira Brava, aid that totalled 12,000 €. With this aid, the AFA Group contributed to the perpetuity of architectural and religious works with a strong influence on the local population, concentrating on the preservation of historic buildings and influencing the education of the youth in these parishes.


Sports initiatives by the AFA Group consist of the ongoing encouragement of its employees to get closer to the society, offering a healthy work environment with the promotion of sports activities. Along these lines, the CC – Company Committee signed a protocol with a regional physiotherapy gymnasium to carry out activities for physical fitness, support to sports and the correction of on-the-job posture, the accompaniment of values related to physical condition, health and well-being, besides offering other activities outside the workplace.


Additionally, for the last several years the CC has organised the annual AFA Group football tournament, which involves more than 80 participants. This is the oldest organised sporting event in the AFA Group, which in recent years has enjoyed a growth in the participation and enthusiasm of all the workers.


Another sports initiative is the ATLAFA –AFA Group Athletics Team, which has boosted and been present at various events organised at the regional level by AARAM – the Madeira Athletics Association, and participated in various regional trail events, some long-distance runs and the Lisbon half marathon. ATLAFA has experienced strong growth and momentum, which naturally encourages the appearance of new athletes and the desire to face new challenges and bigger objectives. In the trail events held in Madeira, one ATLAFA athlete has already scored a victory, in general and absolute terms.