Human Resources

The AFA Group currently employs about 1500 employees, approximately 70% of whom are linked to the area of engineering and construction, despite the conjunctural framework that is decidedly negative in this industry. The AFA Group, making necessary adaptations in its human resource structure, has attempted to maintain its levels of employment in Madeira by hiring for companies in the hotel sector.

It is the group's policy, on the one hand, to adapt the personal and professional profiles to the requirements of each post and, on the other, to prioritise local recruitment so as to contribute to the development of, and improvement in, the living conditions of the communities where it operates. 

Because we believe that people determine our success, we incentivise their involvement, promoting creativity and skill and seeking to strive for their permanent stability and enhancement.


The AFA Group has always sought to attract and maintain a competent staff structure which is adapted to its needs so as to foster compliance with its objectives.

Against the current backdrop of the internationalisation of the activity, job opportunities may arise for different geographic areas.


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The AFA Group has a competent, up-to-date and motivated team that is able to adapt to new environments and work methods. These skills are crucial for the progress of the various companies of the AFA Group, giving them undeniable competitive advantages in markets that are increasingly competitive. In this regard, the training and development of skills and aptitudes of the employees have taken on added importance for the AFA Group. 


Besides this, the AFA Group has oriented its conduct in such a way that it encourages knowledge and continual learning, offering its human resources the opportunity to attend and participate in various training actions, seminars and courses, given internally and externally on a variety of subjects. Proof of this increasing interest in the qualification of its human resources is the number of hours of education and training given per employee in recent years. 


 We highlight the following training actions in the field of engineering and construction in 2015:
Intensive Course in Labour Law
Changes in the Quality Standards: ISO 9001:2015; OHSAS 18001; ISO 45001 and ISO 14001:2015
Individual Income Tax Reform
Tax Benefits and Investment Tax Code
Internal Audit Reports
The Design, Dimensioning and Execution of Solutions for the Reinforcement and Treatment of Land Parcels
Various training actions for Occupational Hygiene and Safety 


In 2016, in the field of engineering and construction, the following stand out:
Languages: Spanish and English
First Aid
On-site Machinery Operators
State Budget 2016
Standardized Accounting System 2016
Corporate Income Tax and Investment Support Tax Regime
Various training actions for Occupational Hygiene and Safety


In the hotel sector, the AFA Group is also concerned about giving its employees on-going training to maintain the highest level of service to its customers:


In 2015, the Savoy Group invested in the following training actions:
Training in Customer Service
Team Leadership and Motivation
Conflict and Complaint Management
Costs and Financial Management in maximizing profits in the companies of the tourism sector
Yield Management


In 2016, the principal training actions in the hotel business were as follows:
Customer Service
On-going training in techniques of restaurant and bar
On-going training in techniques of housekeeping
Training in cocktails
Training in Customer Service
Revenue Management
HACCP Training
“To Serve is to Sell” Training
Training in Waste Management and Cost Control