About Us

Founded in 1981 in the Madeira Autonomous Region, AFA Group is today a business group with a consolidated international position active in several sectors, including construction, real estate, hospitality sector, business aviation, media, waste management, cement sales, aggregate mining and sales, highway concessions and energy.

However, construction and engineering is the Group’s main business and the one that contributes, through AFAVIAS and CTM, the largest slice of its turnover.

In addition to Madeira, where it is the market leader in the civil construction and public works sector, the AFA Group is present in mainland Portugal and the Azores. In the international context, Africa remains the geographical area where AFA Group’s main interests are concentrated. Mauritania and Senegal are where the company began its international expansion in 2006 and Africa, the Republic of Angola in particular, continues to be its main market.

The AFA Group strives for quality and excellence and positions itself as a benchmark of modernity, consistency and trust, specific characteristics of its culture and way of operating in the markets where it is present.



Through hard work dedication, imagination and great technical and financial thoroughness AFA Group activity has been built, developed and consolidated over the last thirty years.

To achieve the goals it has always set itself, the AFA Group has opted for the following fundamental objectives:
- The rendering of an ever better service to customers;
- The creation of wealth and well-being;
- Action based on thoroughness and rigour;
- The implementation of environmentally appropriate and sustainable methods;
- The strengthening of the corporate social responsibility of the Group in the milieu where it acts.

It was based on the dedication of everyone - managers and employees - that the AFA Group grew, modernised, expanded and took its operations to an international scale, managing to get through the more adverse stages it has faced over time.

And it is this same attitude - technical and financial thoroughness, hard work and a mission spirit - which I am sure the AFA Group will be able, by creating its own opportunities, to pursue its path, meeting the challenges placed before it and strengthening its position on the global market.

However, in this highly competitive world just as important as technical and financial capacity are dedication, the spirit of cooperation in the Group and, first and foremost, the spirit of sacrifice and adaptation to the new realities and requirements of globalisation.


The internationalization of our company is already acquired data and a more and more permanent need.
We will maintain a team spirit with strong business culture and great collaboration and dedication among all of our workers, always with the objective of strengthening our presence in the markets where we operate, with high professionalism and a competitive spirit, seeking to do more and better, above all in a difficult and elusive time.
Personal and group value, professional recognition and incentive for merit will continue to be part of our work philosophy, propelling and embracing new challenges, with the same vigor, commitment and dedication.


The AFA Group has established a set of principles and values in terms of professional ethics to be observed by all employees in a threefold approach: economic, social and environmental as the guiding principles for all their activities.


In this way it hopes to become a reference for the public in terms of behavioural standards both in as regards the relationship between employees and with third parties with a view to recognition from the perspective of excellence, integrity, responsibility and rigour.




    Stimulation of communication, participation, solidarity and team spirit



    Performance based on ethics, rigor and good faith



    For people, the institutions and for the Environment



    The given word is a guarantee of the fulfillment of our obligations



    Planning, organization and knowledge in search of perfection



    Encouragement of creativity and ingenuity



    • We are Partners
    • We put ourselves in your shoes
    • We listen
    • We anticipate your needs and we surprise you




    • We meet and surpass the objectives that we set



    • We assume social and environmental responsibilities
    • We contribute to the development of the regions where we operate



    • We reward professional behavior, ethics and rigor
    • We provide technical competence and merit