R&D Projects

AFAVIAS, Engenharia e Construção, has jointly promoted, financed and elaborated two R&D projects with several other entities as part of the Portuguese R&D Programme, which is associated with large public contracts.

The undertaking of extra work at the Portuguese CCP and the importance of applications like PRONIC and BIM

The present project, part of the Portuguese R&D Programme associated with Major Public Contracts, aims to analyse the undertaking of extra work within the legal framework in force and according to the requirements this introduces into the construction process. The case study benefits from the implementation of the ProNIC methodology which aims, among other things, to systematise procedures in accordance with legislation and to standardise technical content. In addition, activities were developed to frame the theme, such as a survey of the sector and a reflection on innovation trends. With regard to the survey, the analysis of the results has been published, as well as the assessment of its alignment with the results of an audit report by the court of auditors. Regarding innovation, an analysis of the methodologies and their impacts on the construction process is currently underway.