Contacts with the Republic of Angola were first made in 2006 and were the start of the process of opening the AFAVIAS branch.
During the first half of 2007, AFAVIAS bid on and won its first road infrastructure contract, the Muconda-Luau highway, stretching 115 km. Over the course of the project, another 12 Km were adjudicated to reach the border with the Democratic Republic of the Congo, along with two bridges, one over the Luenge River and another over the Lumege River.
In 2010, AFAVIAS adopted its current company name (formerly called “Avelino Farinha & Agrela, S.A”) and the branch in Angola is now known commercially as AFAVIAS Angola, with a building yard and main offices in Viana.
Since the start of its activity in Angola, AFAVIAS has completed more than 40 projects, divided essentially into 3 groups: road, maritime and geotechnical projects.


601 km of roadways – including earthmoving; the execution of support walls in cyclopean and reinforced concrete, the execution of the paving with granular layers of sub-base, base, and a binder and surface layer in bituminous concrete; the execution of longitudinal and transversal drainage systems; the execution of horizontal and vertical signage.
Execution of a weigh station, for controlling loads traveling on the roads, including earthmoving; the execution of flexible and rigid pavement; the execution of horizontal painting and placement of roadway signage; the execution of a public electrical network, including a generator, and installation of pre-fabs for the installation of a technical network, sanitary facilities and personnel lodging.
28 bridges – in a mixed structure of reinforced concrete and metal structure with a total length that varies between 15 and 105 m and 12 m wide (maximum span between pillars – 55 m).
1,700 km of road preservation and maintenance – including milling and the corresponding renewal of the surface layer, deep patches, repair of degraded areas and reconstruction of sub-base, base and surface paving layers, cleaning and recovery of water crossings, replacement of autosafes and reflective markings, completion of horizontal paintings and replacement of road signage, cleaning and re-profiling of embankments, including projected concrete.
Marine works – execution of a maritime port for industrial, semi-industrial and artisanal vessels, allowing the mooring of boats with a maximum draught of 4.5m, including dredging and earth moving, execution of pre-fabs, installation of equipment for docking boats and the construction of a boat ramp for removing boats from the water.
Geotechnical work – containment of embankments using captive and passive nailing and projected concrete, treatment of ravines and carrying out of probes.
The short description of each project may be seen in the work portfolio.
During these 8 years of activity, AFAVIAS Angola has already completed 33 projects with an accumulated value of about 700 million euros.