In the construction and engineering sector, the AFA Group carries out its activity with three companies, AFAVIAS, CTM and AFAVIAS Azores, employing nearly 1 200 workers. Moreover, AFAVIAS has three branches: Angola, Colombia and Equatorial Guinea.


AFAVIAS has completed more than 40 works in Angola, divided essentially into 3 groups: road, maritime and geotechnical projects, for which it employed a total of nearly 3 000 workers. 


In the national territory of Portugal – Autonomous Region of Madeira and Azores, and Mainland Portugal - the three companies have completed more than 1 000 works, within different categories such as main roadway works, geotechnical, hydraulic and marine, building works, sport facilities and floors and water and solid waste treatment plants.


In 2018, the AFA Group presented a total invoicing of 171 673 956 euros, in the construction and engineering sector.