The media is one of the areas in which the AFA Group has invested, as a not-for-profit initiative. The main aim is to provide a social service, initially promoting information to the local communities. Rádio Calheta was created in 2001 and in 2002 the AFA Group acquired Rádio Santana.

The former covers all the southeast area of the island and the latter, all the north and east zones, as the AFA Group seeks in this way to reach a large part of Madeira’s population.

One of the recent innovations of these two radio broadcasters was to come in close contact with the Madeiran “diaspora” scattered around the world, by not only putting their programming online on their webpage and Facebook, but also by offering Android and iOS apps for smartphones. Rádio Calheta and Rádio Santana are the only two Madeiran radio stations to offer this service to bring Madeirans together.


More details are available at,,, the App Store or Google Play.