Attitude, Philosophy and Action in symbiosis with Resilience, Rigour and Results are the primary characteristics of the AFA Group and its main calling card. These values and principles carry over to the AFA Group's Hotel and Tourism activity.     

The economy of the Autonomous Region of Madeira is essentially based on the tertiary sector, with tourism as the largest source of revenue for the regional economy. Madeira is recognised worldwide as a key tourist destination and based on this undeniable reality, the expansion strategy and even the diversification of any economic group on the island will always consider the business opportunities in this important and attractive segment of economic activity.

The AFA group, duly consolidated in the local market and based on its strategy for expansion and economic diversification, closely follows the marked tourist development of the island and made its debut in the regional hotel business in 2004 with the construction and inauguration of the Savoy Calheta Beach. 

Investment in the construction of the Savoy Calheta Beach is justified by the opportunity created by the growth of tourism in Madeira observed up to that point and by the need to decentralise tourism in Funchal, offering outstanding lodging options on the south coast of the island, which up to that time had been virtually non-existent. The complex, in addition to a 4-star hotel with 153 rooms, also includes a commercial area and public covered parking. This hotel unit is the fruit of AFA Group’s desire to contribute more actively and directly to the development of the municipality of Calheta, where this investment is located. Even today, after several years, the economic impact continues to be significant.

Savoy Calheta Beach marks a new centrality outside the city of Funchal in a location with enormous tourism potential, thanks to the uniqueness of an unmatched landscape and an unparalleled climate unexploited up to that time. This investment boosted the city where it is located – on the waterfront of the Village of Calheta – which also has a manmade sandy beach that serves as a garden and marina for the hotel, leading assets in the tourist offer of the location.

Continuing the policy of expansion implemented at the AFA Group for the purpose of further boosting the economy of Calheta, the AFA Group again invested in the construction of a new hotel unit, which was inaugurated in 2015, the Savoy Saccharum Resort & Spa. Located in a niche placed strategically under the steep and breathtaking cliffs in Calheta, this hotel has 243 rooms, complemented with a spectacular Spa, considered the crowning jewel of this hotel establishment. The Savoy Saccharum is a hotel that has already made its mark nationally and internationally due to its minimalist design.

At the end of 2015, the AFA Group, which already owned Savoy Saccharum and Savoy Calheta Beach, both located in Calheta, about 25 minutes from Funchal, purchased SIET SAVOI, S.A. on 10 December 2015, which included the hotel units Royal Savoy, Savoy Gardens, plus the construction project of the new Savoy Palace.

With this acquisition, the AFA Group  now includes the following hotels, all under the brand of the family business led by José Avelino Farinha:


• Royal Savoy – 5 stars – Funchal

• Savoy Saccharum – 5 stars – Calheta

• Savoy Calheta Beach – 4 stars – Calheta

• Savoy Gardens – 4 stars – Savoy

• Savoy Palace – 5 stars – (currently under construction)

Being part of AFA Group, the Savoy Signature is the Group's bet for the Tourism Sector in Madeira.