The AFA Group began its operation in the hotel unit sector, in 2004, with the construction of the Calheta Beach Hotel.


In 2015 the Group builds its second hotel unit, the Saccharum, and, at the end of that same year, purchased the SIET SAVOY, S.A. adding three more hotel units to the AFA Group.


Presently, and under the Savoy Signature, the Group holds six hotel units, with a total of 1 277 rooms (2 554 beds), employing 820 workers.

All Savoy Signature hotel units are located in Madeira.




Saccharum 5*


Calheta Beach 4*





Savoy Palace 5*


Royal Savoy 5*


Gardens 4*


Madeira Regency Club 4*



For 2018, the Group’s total invoicing totalled to 36 815 952 euros, in the hotel unit sector.

Being part of AFA Group, the Savoy Signature is the Group's bet for the Tourism Sector in Madeira.