• Engineering and construction

    Engineering and construction

    It was the engineering and construction sector which was at the origin of the AFA Group and it is this sector which today still constitutes its main business area, contributing the largest percentage to the group's turnover.
  • Real Estate

    Real Estate

    The complementarity between the civil construction and real estate promotion sectors means that this is considered by the AFA Group as an important area for diversification both in terms of its business portfolio and as an instrument for the consolidation of the brand on the markets where it carries outs its activity.
  • Hospitality


    Attitude, Philosophy and Action in symbiosis with Resilience, Rigour and Results are the primary characteristics of the AFA Group and its main calling card. These values and principles carry over to the AFA Group's Hotel and Tourism activity.
  • Media


    The media is one of the areas in which the AFA Group has invested, as a not-for-profit initiative. The main aim is to provide a social service, initially promoting information to the local communities. Rádio Calheta was created in 2001 and in 2002 the AFA Group acquired Rádio Santana.
  • Executive Aviation

    Executive Aviation

    With the growth in invoicing experienced at the AFA Group, primarily in the sector of Public Works, it became necessary to reconcile, i) the need to facilitate connections between the head offices and the areas where the AFA Group is working: Madeira, mainland Portugal, the Azores, Mauritania, Senegal and Angola, with ii) the aviation business.
  • Other Industries

    Other Industries

    AFA Group is present in other business area.


Following international trends, the AFA Group sought to take advantage of globalization by exploiting business opportunities in other markets.